Bespoke Ski Racing Portraiture

You take ski racing seriously, now you can preserve your memories seriously.

Large-scale Fine Art Prints and Coaching Insights

I am a full time fine art landscape photographer which I love and need to “focus" on. My daughter ski races. If you are here you probably met me at a race. I’m at the races primarily to support her, but while there I am shooting every female athlete with my fine art landscape equipment. As an artist, I do very low volume, very high quality work, and I only do work I can put my name on. The benefit is that these images will be produced like my fine art work and you can have a Fine Art portrait of your athlete that will last for generations.

The downside is that I don’t do high volume work like an event photographer that you would typically see at a race, so as much as I’d like to, I’m not able to sort, process and provide proofs for free.

I’m shooting ski racing as fine art. In order to have my name on it, it must represent who I am as an artist. For the right client, this is a unique opportunity to obtain coaching insights and a one of a kind original fine art piece featuring your athlete.

If you are curious what this might be like, use this button to request a sample image of your athlete. I will spend about an hour to find an image of your athlete that I feel represents my work, do a preliminary hand edit and send you a digital file with a watermark.

If you like your image and the other examples of my work on this site, and you would like to move forward the next step is to make the Proof Service Deposit of $225. (Proof Service is complimentary with the purchase of a Limited Edition Fine Art Print). The deposit can be used towards anything I offer and will never expire. 50% discount for siblings.

For this deposit you will receive a custom proof gallery that has 2 albums:

Print Selects Album - these are images I am excited about producing in a large format (2 -5 feet wide).

It all needs to come together - the athlete, the light, the capture.

Images that have all of these are included in this gallery. I will do a preliminary edit to show my artistic vision for each piece. You can of course request any of your images be produced.

Coaching Shots Album: I will review the approximately 1200 photos for each of 4 runs in a 2 day event, and send you all my pictures of your racer, cropped with light edits. I typically have 50-100 images of each athlete over 4 runs. A the Loveland GS I shot about 20 gates of each racer. If you pre-order I can take more images for you.

A client at Loveland shared these with her bootfitter who made a cuff adjustment based on the shots, and her coaches who designed a drill for her based on what they saw.

These may be useful in coaching your athlete as these high speed gate shots can show

  • dropping a shoulder

  • weight balance

  • edge angles

  • rotation

  • unbuckled boots and even tongues sticking out


I stand behind everything I do and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied.

PRICING SUMMARY (Proof Service deposit of $225 may be applied to these)

Digital Files(3): $125

  • print ready file for printing up to 12” wide at any printer like Costco

  • image optimized for Instagram

  • images optimized for Instagram and Facebook/Web


12x24 $225 14x28 $310 15x30 $350 18x36 $495 24x48 $845 (WIDE FORMAT 2:1)

12x18 $175 16x24 $295 20x30 $475 24x36 $675  30x45 $995 (3:2)

US Shipping included, sales tax (if applicable) is not. Custom sizes available. Multiples or reprints of the same image at same or smaller size get a 20% discount.


Randy has a passion for ski racing that began with chasing his daughters all over Colorado. He has served on the board of directors of Lake Eldora Racing Team, trained Masters ski racing, and attended the US ski team Club Excellence workshop in Park City, UT at the US Ski Team HQ. He shoots ski racing like he shoots landscapes - painstakingly, with professional equipment.

My hope is that I can provide parents who are looking for something special a unique way to celebrate their athlete and meet potential collectors for my Fine Art work.

I love ski racing and hope to see you at the races again soon,



This is what I do for a living. I will produce a metal print of your athlete using all of my Landscape Fine Art printing tools and methods. Prints are ready to hang and float off the wall one inch. Print purchase includes the corresponding Digital File as described above.


Print Selects - these are images I am excited about printing in a large format (2 -5 feet wide). It all needs to come together - the athlete, the light, the focus. Images that have all of these are included in this gallery. I have done more work on these images. You can also pick from any of the pictures, and I will work on that image for you and add it to the Print Selects.

Coaching Shots - this gallery is for coaching your athlete and can be shared with your coaches. I have rough cropped these, and not edited them, for coaching purposes. Some of these may even be out of focus. If you see something you are interested in purchasing in this gallery, let me know what format you are interested in and I will let you know if it's possible. I will then edit the ones you want and  proof them with you before printing.

These are Preliminary edits.


I had a lot of fun shooting my daughter Ali and all of the other female competitors at Loveland.  I ended up with over 10,000 images and 400GB from 4 days of awesome racing (Sync and Bolle).

actual files are up to 8000px wide.